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The baby's bedtime and its influence on sleep

The baby's bedtime and its influence on sleep

The baby's bedtime influences his / her night sleep. Although you might think that if you go to bed later and let him consume energy late at night, he will sleep like a baby, this is not true. Pediatricians claim that there is an appropriate time for the baby's bedtime to help him have a restful night's sleep!

What is the right time for the baby to sleep?

Each baby has its own biological rhythm. They can't all sleep at the same time. But the pediatricians argue that the most suitable bedtime for the evening, which ensures a restful sleep, is somewhere between 18:30 and 19:00, not later than 20:00. Specialists claim that starting at 6:30 pm the baby's body is naturally prepared for sleep.

In addition, if you are very careful, you will notice that the little boy is giving you signs that he is ready to sleep at that time. It enters a kind of "trance" - it is annoyed, irritated, crying and unwell.

Attention, because bedtime is also influenced by sleep at noon. Many parents say that their baby does not fall asleep either at 6:30 pm or 7:00 pm. One reason for this could be the fact that you sleep in the afternoon very close to bedtime. It advances the sleeping hours from noon, so that it does not intersect with those for the evening sleep.

How does bedtime affect the baby's night sleep?

If the baby sleeps at the right time, then the night's sleep will be quieter and more restful.

There are 2 wrong opinions that many parents have: one is that if the baby goes to bed earlier, he will wake up at night or in the morning, and the second is the one according to which he is better to sleep more. late because that way you will be more tired and will sleep better.

Babies should lie down at the right time for their age. Maybe it seems to you early and you might think that if you sleep at that time it will wake up in the middle of the night or at dawn. But this is not true. Remember that when they are babies, the little ones sleep a lot, even 15-20 hours a day.

Don't be fooled. They do not have the same biological clock as adults. As it grows you can gradually postpone the bedtime by half an hour. But it is important to respect the child's sleep program appropriate to his age.

Another mistake my parents make is to get them as late as possible so they can sleep all night and wake up when they need to. As if it is not enough to deprive the child of sleep, they also tend to "tired" him so that he falls asleep faster. He considers that if he plays with him or consumes his energy with various activities until the hours before night he will sleep log all night.

In reality, they only cause insomnia. Fatigue deprives babies of sleep. Thus, sleep disorders can occur that can put their mark on the future development of the child.

Sleep time has a strong impact on the baby's sleep, development and growth. This must be appropriate to his age and respected by his parents.

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