Book launch: Pregnancy and baby, the complete guide to future mothers

Book launch: Pregnancy and baby, the complete guide to future mothers

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The book "Pregnancy and the baby" is a practical, modern and extremely useful guide, which helps future mothers to live quietly during pregnancy and to prepare for the baby's growth.

The book contains useful tips on diet, fitness and prenatal care, and guidance on child care after birth.

"Caring for a newborn, especially for moms who are trying this for the first time, is a difficult experience. But caring for a baby should not scare you. Caring for a newborn involves a proper understanding of the mother's duties and fulfillment. a proper education during pregnancy, "says Constantin Olaru, the author of the book.

To support any new parent, the structure of the guide has been designed according to the child's development stages:

  • In the first part - "Pregnancy" - are described, the changes that the mother's body goes through, as well as the most important rules to be followed by the future mother;

  • In the second part - "The Baby" - there are presented many practical information - including step-by-step instructions - about feeding, bathing, and many other details related to baby care.

The book can be ordered online from the My Ebook publisher's online store.

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