Rules for the use of the mobile phone in children and adolescents

Rules for the use of the mobile phone in children and adolescents

Children are starting to receive mobile phones from an increasingly early age. Although these allow the immediate localization and communication of the little ones with the parents, they also attract harmful effects in their development. Do not leave your mobile phone within the reach of your child or adolescent! Set clear rules and set limits on its use!

Learn the rules of etiquette when using your mobile phone!

The little ones have to be taught by little ones that they do not answer or talk on the phone during the hours, at the table, when they are doing homework, when it is time to sleep or on the street.

There is a label for using the mobile phone in public and good manners to teach the child. He must know that at school he must be closed during the hours, he must not speak loudly to him or in a room in which he disturbs others (at the movie, the library, etc.). Also, private conversations should be done separately from other people in a space that gives them enough privacy.

Set a clear number of minutes you can speak!

Don't let his hand speak to you. He may stretch more than his quilt. Therefore, it is preferable to choose a card that will lock automatically when the available minutes are consumed. That way, you don't risk the phone bill surprising you.

Have him close it at night!

With the time of extinguishing it is time for the phone to "sleep". Encourage him to shut him down all night long. You don't want a bad call or a bad joke to disturb his sleep.

Check his phone from time to time!

It is good to know who your child is talking to and what is the content of the messages sent, even if it is a violation of privacy. As long as he is a minor, you are responsible for his deeds and deeds and especially for his safety. Therefore, it is advisable to keep up to date with the people who call and call them and make sure they are known to you.

Teach him not to talk on the phone while driving!

This rule applies to teenagers who have their card. It is not only an important rule for the protection of his life and of the other passengers, but it is also a legal measure that is punished contraventionally.