Natural remedies against morning sickness in pregnancy

Natural remedies against morning sickness in pregnancy

Natural remedies are some of the safest ways to reduce morning sickness during pregnancy. These are considered normal symptoms of this period, but for many pregnant women they are very difficult to bear. Because they do not take into account the time of day to make an appearance, it is advisable to use these natural treatments to lessen them.
Morning sickness occurs especially during the first trimester of pregnancy. Even if they are called morning sickness, these symptoms can occur at any time of day. Their trigger indicates that hormone levels are high in the body, which decreases the chances of losing pregnancy. Even though they are considered a normal part of the pregnancy, they are quite unpleasant. Doesn't mean it has to affect your life.

Natural remedies


Ginger is the most effective natural remedy for combating nausea and pregnancy. But it has the merit of being able to be used in pregnancy, without endangering the fetus.
You can consume it in fresh form. Try to grind a little ginger root and put a teaspoon in a glass of warm water. Tea made from this mixture can be drunk hot or cold, as you prefer.
However, experts say that ginger, although not medically dangerous, is not suitable for all pregnancies. In the Chinese tradition it is considered a "hot" remedy. If your internal energy is unbalanced, does not adjust properly when exposed to heat, then ginger will worsen your symptoms. But if you are cold, depressed, and craving for hot drinks during pregnancy, then this is right for you.
You can consume ginger in any form. You can also call for special candies that contain and to suggest to relieve the nausea.


But if you feel like you have hot flushes, you get red in the face and you are easily irritable, the internal energy may require cold and invigorating remedies to combat morning sickness. Chinese culture claims that these pregnant women, who are hotter than cold, are better suited for cold mint teas against nausea.


Try to have a lemon with you all the time. As soon as you feel nausea it is advisable to scratch a little shell and smell it. It seems that the effect is guaranteed.

Acupressure tapes

These strips are an extremely clever innovation and efficient in combating the feeling of nausea. They operate on the principle of pre-puncture. It stimulates the P6 point inside the wrist, which helps to remove the feeling of nausea.


Using some essential oils and dispersing them in the air you breathe can be a natural solution against nausea. The most useful are peppermint, lemon or tangerine oils.

Lifestyle changes

There is also another series of naturalistic measures that help to combat this symptom and which are related to changes in lifestyle and care during pregnancy. They are no longer based on plants and herbs, but on things you should or should not do when you are pregnant to combat nausea.

Always eat breakfast as soon as you wake up

It is extremely important to do this, even if you do not feel the need or are nauseous. It seems that morning nausea is getting worse on an empty stomach, however contradictory it may seem. If it is more comfortable for you, ask your partner to bring you some light snacks even in bed, to avoid moving.

Eat a little and often

Meals in small portions and throughout the day are an effective way to keep your digestion busy and to avoid nausea. This avoids an empty stomach full of acid and low blood glucose levels that worsen nausea.

Hydrate yourself constantly

Dehydration aggravates morning sickness and can occur after repeated vomiting. Therefore, it is important to drink at least 8 glasses of water and to do it throughout the day, avoiding ingestion of a large amount at a time.

Check for vitamin B6 deficiency

Following a laboratory analysis you can find out whether or not you suffer from certain vitamin deficiencies in the body. The lack of vitamin B6 during pregnancy triggers the feeling of nausea. Ask for supplements from your doctor or consume foods with this vitamin.

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