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Cheats for raising the child alone to parents

Cheats for raising the child alone to parents

Your child is the reason of your life, the only survivor who will fully enjoy all your attention and love, both good and bad. Precisely for these reasons, children who do not even have a sibling tend to mature very quickly and develop a newborn temperament as a child. Here's how you can use all of this traits to your advantage when you no longer know what educational methods to apply in raising your little one.

"My junior, you are completing me!"

Children alone to parents tend to be, from an early age, miniature adults, very obedient and eager to respect precisely the authority and rules imposed by you.
At the same time, your child is a unique person, with his own passions and aspirations that he can only fulfill if he is given the freedom to do so. Do not turn your only child into a replica of you who will make your failed plans to become a doctor or Olympic gymnast, but let him choose his own path in life.

Resist the urge to intervene

Because your little one is definitely more perfectionist than his friends from large families, never intervene to remedy a thing done by him: cleaning the room, decorating a cake, etc. In this way, you risk feeding him an obsessive-compulsive behavior that he is prone to.

It avoids the danger of self-centeredness

Because they are not raised in a collective spirit, children alone in their parents learn more difficult to share, negotiate and show tact in human relationships. Therefore, it is necessary to instill values ​​such as altruism, consideration and respect towards others from the first exit to the playground.

Print him realistic visions

Your little one cries without stopping because he did not get the main role at the kindergarten celebration? Psychologists call this phenomenon the "disillusioned perfectionist," meaning the disappointment of one who has idealistic views on life. Teach your child to look at things realistically, so they know how to deal with future failures.

Let him be wrong

Being your only concern, you will be tempted to accompany your child everywhere, to always be there to guide their steps. Then you will do all the homework together, and he won't even have the problem that one day he will have to deal with himself. Let him face problems alone, even if he risks being wrong. Only in this way will he truly be prepared for life.

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