Diseases of the female genital tract

Diseases of the female genital tract

Most women occasionally experience vaginal problems usually associated with menstrual cycle disorders, sexual discomfort, infections, inadequate contraception or pregnancy-related changes. Here are the most common disorders of the female genital tract and how you can identify them in time.
Certain changes in vaginal secretions may be the first sign that indicates a possible genital disorder. Similarly, a symptom such as frequent urination, accompanied by burns and discomfort, is an important alarm signal.

Common genital disorders

Gynecologists treat every day patients with the following common genital disorders:
* sexually transmitted diseases (chlamydia or gonorrhea);

* vaginal infections: vulvovaginal candidiasis, bacterial vaginitis, genital herpes, trichomoniasis;

* infections of the cervix (cervicitis).
All of these diseases cause abnormal vaginal leakage and usually occur as a result of unprotected or unhygienic sexual acts, adverse drug reactions or improper intravaginal washes.

Vaginal infections

Symptoms of vaginal infections are: secretions that have an unnatural color (gray, green to yellow) and have an unpleasant odor, irritations, itching or swelling in the vagina, burning sensation in urine and pain or bleeding during sexual contact.
If you think you might have a vaginal infection, you should follow these steps:
* avoids any sexual contact or intervention in the pelvis area until gynecological control; thus, you will prevent the spread of the infection;

* Do not do vaginal washings on your own, because you will push the infection to the uterus and uterine tubes, triggering pelvic inflammatory disease; in addition, you will unbalance the level of good bacteria in the vagina.

Irritations, basics, excrescences and swelling in the vulva area

There are several conditions that are manifested by these symptoms, and one of the most common is vaginal irritation caused by the use of inappropriate soap in the intimate area and its insufficient removal by rinsing or that triggered by wearing too tight clothes.

Any visible modification of the tissue of the genital tract requires you to visit the gynecological office as soon as possible.
The treatment of the diseases of the genital tract is determined by the doctor according to the nature and causes of the problem, the severity of the symptoms and your general state of health.

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