Nail care tips and trends in colors and patterns

Nail care tips and trends in colors and patterns

The periodicity with which you do your manicure, the choice of nail varnishes and how you clean and trim them define the health of the nails and their appearance. Before you scan the trends regarding the latest nail designs launched by experts and the most fashionable shades of the season, you must learn how to care for them at home and keep them away from exposure to cold, dehydration or chemicals that affect their health and appearance. .

7 tricks for nails always beautiful and healthy

1. Stop using scissors or nails to cut them. Shorten them only with the pile - the actual cutting of the nails breaks them and predisposes them to exfoliation. Try to give them the desired shape only from the stack.

2. Hydrate and nourish your nails with natural remedies - lemon juice whitens your nails; lightly warmed olive oil or argan oil strengthens and hydrates them.

3. Properly nail the nails - it is not enough just to shorten them with the pile, but to properly nail them, in one direction, to be more resistant and avoid exfoliation.

4. Massage them from time to time to grow faster. Use your finger pads to stimulate blood flow under your nails. Also apply a moisturizing cream, with vitamin E or B, argan oil or castor oil during the massage.

5. Use a cleansing solution without acetone, as it attacks and dries nails. Opt for organic or organic nail polish cleaning solutions, designed only from natural ingredients.

6. Do not cut your cuticles unless they are prominent and thick. Push them with a tool from the manicure kit to the base of the nail, to stop their growth and aesthetic appearance.

7. Use gloves when washing dishes and cleaning. Cleaning products - detergents, chlorine etc. - attacks the surface of the nails, dries them, thins them and predisposes them to breakage and exfoliation.

Trends in manicure 2014: fashionable colors and models

Matte white, pastel shades and geometric patterns are the three directions that fashion designers propose for spring-summer 2014, in terms of colors or artistic nail design.

Beyond that, the classic black, metallic colors and glitter come back into the manicure trends and remain shades and effects that you have to consider when you do your nails. Regarding the artistic models made on nails, the designers propose several ideas with which to "decorate" your nails:

  • ombre - from darker shades, at the base, to open shades, at the top;

  • stripes - horizontal, oblique, vertical lines, etc .;

  • moon - inverted French, with white at the base of the nails and strong colors towards the tips;

  • Nailart - artistic, complex, elaborate models.

What nail care tricks do you know and what shade of lake do you prefer to do your nails with? Do you like nail art and nail designs? Tell us your suggestions in the comments section below!

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