10 ways to raise your baby in healthy conditions

10 ways to raise your baby in healthy conditions

The raising or care of the child starts from the womb. Since you are pregnant you have to take care of all the things you come into contact with in your daily routine. After the baby is born, things around you should encourage proper growth and development of the baby. Here's how to take care of the little one in an environmentally friendly, healthy environment!

You were born a healthy baby

You have to make sure that everything around you during pregnancy does not affect the fetus in any way.
Avoid exposing yourself to dangerous toxic substances, be careful what you eat and be careful when you come in contact with animals, especially cats and litter.

Choose furniture and decorations without volatile organic compounds

The furniture in the baby's room, as well as the decorations, should not contain toxic compounds that are dangerous to his long-term health.

Uses bio, reusable or disposable diapers

Choosing one type or another of diapers depends on your personal preference, but you have to consider a few things.
The reusable ones consume a lot of water and energy, so you have to make sure you have a washing machine with low energy consumption.
Disposable diapers may have traces of chemicals that may endanger his health. Carefully read the label and the products contained in their creation.

Choose breastfeeding instead of bottle

If you can, don't hesitate to breastfeed your baby. It is the most organic and healthy way to ensure complete nutrition in its development.
The feeding with the bottle increases the risk of infections and frequent illnesses following the contact of the milk with bottles, nipples and other objects necessary for the preparation.

Feed it with natural foods and home-made foods

When you start diversifying your baby's diet, you need to make sure that all the foods used are fresh and natural.
Opt for many fruits and vegetables and avoid eating at the jars, ready-made. Even if it boasts that it is eco-friendly or has no preservatives, the healthiest food is the one cooked in the house.

Take a bath a few times a week

Specialists claim that water and care products (soap, shampoo, powder, lotions) can dry sensitive baby's skin if used excessively. They believe that the daily bath in the tub is not necessary and that it is sufficient to do this 3-4 times a week. This way you also save water.

Recycle, reuse or donate unused items

Do not try to get rid of any clothes or toys or other objects by throwing it in the trash. Try to reinvent it, see what you can do with it for the child, give it to your loved ones or needy ones or go with them to recycling. It is a useful lesson that you can teach your child!

Opt for organic cleaning products

Leave aside the usual detergents and cleaning products and resort to natural tricks and organic products for cleaning the house.

Choose plastic without Bisphenol A

It is very difficult to avoid plastic at all times in the products you buy. But if you have no choice and you need such a product, opt for the one that does not contain Bisphenol A.

Be an eco example for your child

Your little one learns most things from you. Therefore, you must first adopt a healthy lifestyle, to ensure that your little one will follow you and will only make healthy choices for him.

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