How to soothe the gingival pains of the baby

How to soothe the gingival pains of the baby

Gingival pain is unavoidable during tooth eruption and is extremely uncomfortable for the baby, causing him to become agitated, crying and irritated, affecting his sleep or rest. Even if the soothing gel or ointment in pharmacies is your first option and seems the most useful, there are other ways you can quickly relieve your baby's gums with things or products that you have at hand.

Easy massage of the gums

Use your finger pads to gently massage the baby's inflamed and irritated gums. Make sure that the pressure is low, so that the massage will give her the comfort she needs and to relieve her pain, not to accentuate them even more.

The pressure exerted by the soft fingers is considered a natural soothing.

Teething toys

Teething toys are the most handy and useful "remedies" for relieving the gums pain of the baby. Silicone or rubber devices must be refrigerated beforehand and offered to the child for rontaire, when he is agitated and crying.

The frozen towel

In the absence of a teething toy, the frozen towel does the job instead. Take a small towel, place it in the freezer for 10-15 minutes, then give it to the baby and encourage him to snack.

The sensation of cold is soothing, and the pressure exerted by chewing the towel removes gingival discomfort.

Frozen food

And fruits or vegetables can turn into teething toys when the baby is experiencing gum pain. Cut larger pieces from a carrot or banana, place them in the freezer and then give them to the child to chop.

Watch it carefully so that the baby does not break pieces and drown, trying to swallow them.

Strong snacks

If your baby is about one year old and most of his teeth have come out, you can start offering him so-called finger foods (snacks), between meals, but only under your close supervision.

Biscuits or fried bread have a stronger consistency and help soothe the gingival pains the baby is experiencing.

Teething gel

Medicinal gels and ointments should be the last resort you use to fight your baby's gums. Only if the other methods fail, and the gingival discomfort does not disappear, call for the application of thin layers of gel on the gums, by gentle finger massage. Do not exaggerate with these products, as many specialists claim that benzocaine is an ingredient that relieves pain through dampening.

It is inevitable that the child will not swallow part of the gel after application, and if the substance numbs the lower part or the baby's throat, it may cause swallowing problems and the risk of drowning with food or losing control of the vomiting reflex may occur.

To avoid all these problems, Smart Love specialists have created Dologel - a gingival gel obtained entirely from natural substances, which does not contain lidocaine or other synthetic analgesics and therefore does not affect the child's body.

While the extract of valerian attenuates pain, due to the content of propolis and chamomile the product has a anti-inflammatory effect and antiseptic on the gums.

What other safe and fast methods to relieve gingival pain in infants you know? Tell us your remedies in the comment section below!

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