Contraceptive methods for men

Contraceptive methods for men

Contraceptive methods for men are not as varied as those for women, but there are a few ways in which they can protect their partners from unwanted pregnancy or sexually transmitted diseases. The most common are condoms, withdrawal method (coitus interruptus) or vasectomy. While hormone injections with testosterone have already proven successful, men's contraceptives are still being targeted by researchers.

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This is one of the most common, cheap and simple contraceptive means for men and the only one that protects against sexually transmitted diseases. They are made of latex and offer protection in several types of sex - normal, anal or oral.
If used correctly it has an efficiency of up to 98%. Almost all men can successfully use the condom, except those who are allergic to latex or other components of it.

Withdrawal method (coitus interruptus)

Coitus interruptus or withdrawal is one of the oldest contraceptive methods used by men. It is equivalent to the calendar method in women. It is characterized by the normal penetration of the partner until the moment of ejaculation, when the penis is withdrawn from the vagina to avoid placing the sperm inside.
The effectiveness of the method is lower than in the case of other contraceptive means, but it is not to be neglected. Its effectiveness reaches up to 80% and depends very much on the timely withdrawal of the penis from the vagina. If the man does not act in a timely manner and even a drop of semen is ejaculated inside, the chances of his partner getting pregnant are very high. This also depends on the phase of the menstrual cycle in which she is, but also on the quality of the sperm.
Even though it is not a very safe method, it is free and convenient for most couples. But it does not protect against sexually transmitted infections. Therefore, it is recommended only for couples who have stable partners, who can be trusted.


Vasectomy is considered a permanent method of sterility in men. But today there are advanced surgical methods that can make vasectomy reversible, but it has been conceived as the definitive sterilization method for men who never want children again.
In vasectomy, the doctors intervene surgically and block the 2 deferential vessels through which the sperm pass. In other words, sperm never leave a man's body during sexual intercourse. He may ejaculate, but the semen is devoid of sperm.
It is a very safe method and has a very high efficiency, almost 100%.
The partners can enjoy the sexual act because there is no stress that the method will fail, which leads to an improvement in the quality of the couple's sexual life.

Hormonal or contraceptive injections

These are two extremely controversial methods at present in the world, but are becoming more and more ground in the field of contraception for men.
Hormonal injections have exactly the same efficacy and administration as in women, except that they are testosterone-based.
Contraceptives for babies have not yet been launched, but researchers are very close to finding a suitable formula that will act contraceptively, like those for women.