The life of a couple before and after the appearance of children!

The life of a couple before and after the appearance of children!

Event supported by therapist Claus Kostka
On Monday, April 7, 2014, will take place at the Bastilia Library, the conference "The life of a couple before and after the appearance of the children", having invited the psychologist Claus Kostka. The meeting takes place between 18:45 - 21:00 and is a branded event of Authentic Parents.
"People change when, from being just a couple in love, they turn into parents," is a quote from an interview given by Claus Kostka, on the occasion of this event.

The change of perspective for partners is inherent when children appear in the lives of the two and, with them, new needs, priorities, maybe even new rules.

In order to keep a relationship alive, our guest considers that three crucial qualities are needed, because they all have the chance to develop a real partnership: compassion, generosity and friendship.
But we all know that these qualities are acquired over time, the subject is complex and very courageous and the suggestions and practical examples of a specialist who has passed through many experiences (personal but also from the point of view of his work), are more than welcome.

Claus Kostka is a therapist with 30 years of experience in working with various methods of couple, family and child-rearing therapy. He conducts his own seminars and offers individual therapy and counseling sessions in Germany, Canada, France, England and Romania. Born in 1955 in Germany, he is married and the father of 4 children. Supporting the principle of authentic relationships, Claus Kostka also published the book "I love you ... what else do we do?"

Therefore, the Authentic Parents team will be waiting for you on Monday, April 7th, at the Bastilia Library in the Romanian Square, to listen to it and to ask questions to the psychotherapist Claus Kostka.

The contribution for this meeting is:

1. Ticket for one person, advance payment by bank transfer: 50 RON
2. Ticket for one person, cash payment on site: 70 RON
3. Ticket for two persons, advance payment by bank transfer: 80 RON
4. Ticket for two people, cash payment on site: 100 RON

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