How was LEGO kicking millions of pounds. Wonder Woman saved the Danish producers

How was LEGO kicking millions of pounds. Wonder Woman saved the Danish producers

LEGO sets and LEGO games are among the favorites of the little ones. Approaching different topics, the Danish company has managed to strike in recent years, expanding its theme. The success was immediate! An example is the LEGO DC Super Hero Girls sets. The beginning was shy for LEGO DC Super Hero Girls. So shy the producers still thought about giving up sets and stopping the production of the sets: "They didn't work, so we had discussions about it. Well, I didn't do that, it would be a mistake!".

Why would that be a mistake?

That's because in 2017, sales exploded for LEGO games. And this is due to the themed sets with heroes: LEGO Batman Movie and LEGO DC Comics: "Sales of superhero-themed sets increased by 70% compared to 2014," LEGO representatives said in a press release.

The first major factor: LEGO Batman Movie. The movie released in early 2017 and the LEGO sets released just before the movie have enjoyed immense success. The Suicide Squad followed. Then, the success was doubled by the release of Wonder Woman, which is still on big screens around the world. And the sales of LEGO DC Super Hero Girls started not only going, but doing very well. Batgirl, Wonder Woman, Supergirl and Harley Quinn are among the most successful characters among the little ones. That's because LEGO DC Super Hero Girls is a LEGO set for girls.

And things won't stop here for those at LEGO. Because Justice League will be launched in November, with all the characters mentioned above: "We will bring new LEGO DC Super Hero Girls and LEGO Marvel sets to market," LEGO representatives added.

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