What is and what is NOT Autism

What is and what is NOT Autism

Autism is currently diagnosed in 1 in 68 children, and boys are 5 times more prone to this disorder than girls. It is considered the affection with the highest rate of spread among children. Many people know about the impersonal and cold definition of autism, which characterizes it as a neuropsychiatric disorder that affects the child's ability to communicate and relate to others.

But few people know that, for families who go through this diagnosis, the disease is a unique, personal experience and has subjective connotations, swinging between confusion, joy, love, fear and misunderstanding.

"If you meet a person with autism, it means you have only met one person with autism," stresses Dr. Stephen M. Shore, emphasizing the idea that autism is felt and lived differently within each family.

Autism is NOT nobody's fault, neither yours nor your family's. You don't have to burden yourself with unnecessary feelings of guilt. You are fortunate to raise a beautiful, good and loving child whose sensitivity melts your heart of affection!

Autism is a disorder that affects the communication and socialization skills of the child.

Autism is NOT the same thing with mental retardation. The child with autism is as intelligent as any other child who does not suffer from this disorder.

Autism is what makes your child unique, not stigmatized, isolated or compassionate.

Autism does NOT transform the child is disabled and does not make him less human than he is. It is not a creature that we have to see with special glasses of our mind. It is a fact as wonderful as any other child and we must treat it as such.

Autism is an experience that combines in a unique way the confusion with the meaning, the joy with the sadness, the beauty with the ugly. It's a heartbreaking, frustrating world, but also wonderful and beautiful.

Autism is NOT affects the hands and feet of the child. You don't have to wear gloves with him and watch him for the joy of running, playing and exploring the surrounding world.

Autism is a disease that brings out unmatched emotions. It is an "infection" with laughter, sensational feelings and deep emotions.

Autism is NOT a monster that you have to fear every day.

Autism is the opportunity to penetrate deeply into the soul of a single child and to guide them on the journey of life, in a way that you would not do with other children.

Autism is NOT something you have to apologize for.

Autism is part of your child, so part of you and your family.

Autism is NOT it will take you away, but it will bring you closer. It is a binder for your family, which helps you get to know each other better and support each other.

Autism is the way we discover that brilliant minds think differently than ours. It's another way of seeing the world. We need in-depth research and constant internal surveys to be able to see and understand how an autistic child thinks.

Autism is NOT a "death sentence" of social life. Just because the little one has trouble interacting with others does not mean he is not able to do it. He needs a little help from you, but he can make friends, some of them even more loyal and better than those who do not suffer from this disorder.

Autism is a spiritual journey that opens your soul and mind in unimaginable ways. It is not always beautiful, but it is surprising.

Autism is NOT an easy to support diagnosis. It is difficult to shave and to shoulder on both you and the baby.

Autism is but a method by which you become stronger than you think. Maybe not from the beginning, but along the way, you discover in you unpowered powers, which will make you unruly in the fight with the disease.

Autism is NOT makes you a less good parent. Just because the little one has uncontrollable outings does not mean he is stupidly raised, spoiled or naughty. There are "symptoms" of a disease that you do NOT blame and you try to understand and control as well as you can.

Autism is a label that gives the child what it needs to grow and grow as well and as beautifully as possible.

Autism is NOT the end of the world is just the beginning of it.

Autism is a disorder that keeps the child captive in a world of its own, of its mind, which can be upsetting, confusing and painful for you.

Autism is NOT defines the child. It is only a part of life that should not be amplified and emphasized more than it is the case.

Autism means people - like you, like your friends, like your parents, who aspire and want exactly the same things as you.

Autism is NOT it can be cured with ... nothing. But it is a disorder whose symptoms can be significantly improved. The child with autism can have a very good quality of life, very close to that of a healthy child, if he is constantly on therapy and is always supported.

Autism is a colorful puzzle of life, in which the pieces are not white and black, but shaded in a multitude of colors combined, experienced differently by each child. It's a ... challenging puzzle.

Autism is NOT it should be taken more seriously than it should be. Describe your forehead, smile and behave normally with the child, not as a terminally ill patient. It is far from being a post-mortem patient. It is rather a child full of life and joy that he can hardly wait to live and share, with little help.

Autism is one of the most mysterious but also dynamic human conditions. Being the parent of an autistic child is an experience that is so difficult, so satisfying.

Autism is NOT a person who does not know or cannot love. The autistic child manifests his love in a way that is different from ours, but he loves ... a lot!

Autism is a method of reassessing personal principles and values. Redefines everything that means love, support, parenting, education, etc.

Autism is NOT the worst thing that could have happened to your child. There are diseases and sufferings that are much heavier and more painful. The worst thing, given the circumstances, would have been the lack of resources or methods to help him have a better life or to integrate into the community like any other child, which, fortunately, is not the case.

Autism is another way of living and understanding the world. After all, nothing is "normal" in this world.

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