When he is ready to go to the camp

When he is ready to go to the camp

Going to camp for the first time can cause anxiety especially for children in the first classes. He decides when he is ready to go to the camp and then alleviates his anxiety. The first trip to the camp can be a difficult time for the child, who has not been separated until now by his parents or his home for such a long time. It can also be a tough test for parents, who have to accept that their baby is growing faster than they would like.

Is your child ready for a camp?

Before making the decision to let your school-age child go to camp, consider the following cues that can help you decide if you are ready for this experience:

  • abides by the hygiene rules (hand washing, tooth washing, etc.) and without reminding them several times a day;
  • he cleans and orders in the room alone, he does not need your help to find his clothes in the morning;
  • has spent at least one night in a group of children and knows how to behave;
  • he wants to go to the camp.

If your little one does not meet all of the above criteria, but he really wants to go to camp, give him this chance. Even if he forgets about the restrictions imposed at home, he will return to them without much effort upon his return.

Anxiety and longing for home

When the initiative belongs to you completely, and your child does not seem excited about the idea of ​​going to a camp, the reason is the anxiety and fear that he will miss home.
Talk honestly with your little one about your first camp experience and explain that your longing for home is perfectly normal, but that it will not prevent you from feeling good in the new environment for a few days.
Most children may have problems that they will not be able to make friends with others easily. If you go to the first camp at the age of 7 or 8, you will feel better if you can do it with a friend.
Don't ridicule your child's fears. To reassure him, show him that you understand him and that you care about his anxiety. If the situation continues, you can urge him to discuss the problem with friends who have been to the camp before.
Before leaving the camp, give him more affection and discuss what he can do when he feels he is missing home. With a little luck, he will feel very good in the camp and forget about the fears that ground him before leaving.

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