Writing tools for children

Writing tools for children

Children's writing instruments should be chosen with great care, as they may favor correct writing and distort the writing of the child. Not all pens or pens are the same. Even though the keyboard seems to have become the most important "writing tool" in the modern era, it does not underestimate the value of handwriting. This is the secret of school performance in children, according to the latest studies.

Pen, pen or pencil?

Each child has their own needs and different ways of writing. Some are left-handed, others write with a pen held in a certain way. You must know that there are pens adapted to all the needs of the little ones.
Pencils are among the first tools a child uses when learning to write for the first time. You probably encouraged him, like other parents, to pencil the papers with the help of colored pencils, which thus become the first writing tools.
Even though he writes more easily with a pencil, when he enters the school he has new tools - pens or pens. The latter are more suitable for the little boy just entered the school benches, because they are easy to handle, do not require very high pressure, and the ink easily puts his mark on the paper.

Pens are harder to handle if the little one still learns to write. They require more strength, and the paste from them flows harder, making the whole writing process difficult for children.
It is important to choose the instrument that suits your child's needs. If you have difficulty holding a pen in your hand, make sure you take lightweight tools with ergonomic handles to help you write better. If you always get rid of the pen, opt for those with special devices that ensure a better grip on the pen.

Handwriting vs. writing to the computer

Handwriting is essential for the child's cognitive and intellectual development. The keyboard in the child's life cancels important processes that are the basis of the development of creativity and imagination.
Researchers have recently discovered that children who write by hand, regardless of the instrument they use, have better learning outcomes than those who have replaced the pen with the computer keyboard. The explanation is that writing with a pen or pen leaves an imprint on the sensory-motor region of the brain and contributes to cognitive development.

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