Itsy Bitsy celebrates childhood with friends

Itsy Bitsy celebrates childhood with friends

Itsy Bitsy celebrates childhood with friends - Singing Friends Show!

You found out? Itsy Bitsy is getting ready for a great big holiday all around, namely the "Songwriters Friends Show"! Fredonia? Do you keep up? Wonderful! Come on!

For Children's Day, from 5 pm, we are waiting for you in the Children's City Park in Bucharest at a fun time! On stage, we bring you lots of songwriters and dancers, games and contests for all ages!

The host of the event is Nouria, the producer of the Mamma Mia show.

He plays alongside Andra and Razvan Gogan, the groups of children Contrapunct, Liliput, Amicii, Rogvaiv and Miniton! Keep up with those in the Trouble Crew dance band!

The Xarazon, Itsy and Bitsy Galaxies will be the bravest Defenders of the Galaxy, who have prepared some special games, with many prizes.

Also, come and meet the celebrities who have marked so many generations of children! At the "Singing Friends Show", Oana Sarbu, Margareta Paslaru will be present, along with the little ones from the Allegretto choir, Monica Davidescu and Aurelian Temisan, along with their little girl.

They talked very nice about the world of children and are just waiting to be on the stage of Itsy Bitsy:

Actress Monica Davidescu, wished us to have at the event a time as beautiful as possible "to be very pleasant to talk and feel good!"

"Dream, but fight for your dream!", The great artist Margareta Paslaru told us.

And Oana Sarbu, a well-known actress and singer of light music, urged us to enjoy childhood and family time: "The children's world is a holy world! Love your children, give them time, listen to them , try to understand them, like little adults. "

We received encouragement and fun and good wishes from other songwriting friends of Itsy Bitsy, Andreea Marin, Dan Teodorescu, Luminita Anghel and Daniel Iordachioaie who sent us the most beautiful wishes.

Come to the "Singing Friends Show"! Let's sing and dance together, play and enjoy childhood, regardless of age!

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