Children's Day in Crangasi Park and Icon Garden!

Children's Day in Crangasi Park and Icon Garden!

The Children's Day will be celebrated on Sunday by the City Hall of Sector 6 through a show in Crangasi Park, the local authority announced. The City Hall of Sector 2 will mark Children's Day through workshops on Japanese culture, music and dance at the weekend, in the Icoanei Garden Park. The workshops for children will be organized by the Center for Romanian-Japanese Studies together with Haramitchi and Tenshin School, under the guidance of designer Laura Caraman.

Mirabela Dauer, Raoul, Alina Eremia and Nostalgia Choir will perform at the show "Colors of childhood". Children are prepared with lots of surprises and contests, as well as a raffle with many surprise prizes. The little ones will take Japanese calligraphy courses (shodo) , they will admire the kimono and the yukata, the traditional Japanese clothes, they will have fun browsing the manga magazines (comics) and they will become singers when they will test taiko, the traditional Japanese drums.

Also, in the Icoanei Garden Park, which will become a 'Garden with artists', the children will cut, paint and make together an ecological-fantastic installation dedicated to nature. They will be greeted by trees decorated and surrounded by cardboard figurines that children are invited to dress with flowers, butterflies and birds of paper. guided by trainers, the little ones will paint, draw and cut, make collages and become the craftsmen of an original installation that will draw attention to the beauty of nature and especially the importance of protecting it through ecological activities.

Children will have the opportunity to play 'country, country, we want hostages', 'countries', 'rates and hunts', 'the bear sleeps and dreams', 'Randunica, move your nest', 'stone bridge' and many more. They will jump the rope and the elastic and play the sub.

Volunteers from the Red Panda Association will be present in the Icon Garden with cats and a playful dog, who are just waiting to be adopted. The brochures and informative materials in which the benefits of pet ownership, information on the importance of sterilization and tips on breeding dogs and cats will be missing from the adoption area. Since there is no holiday without music and dance, the little ones from the Rall's band will choose the most entertaining rhythms by which they will invite all the children to dance in the Icoanei Park.

Entrance to the event is free.

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