Winter dream with ... chocolate

Winter dream with ... chocolate

For each of us, the winter holidays are full of meaning. Whether we talk about the joy that is read on the faces of loved ones when they unwrap their presents, frozen carols or the smell of fir combined with that of freshly baked cozonac, the variety of holiday images appeal to all our senses.

Let yourself be carried on the wings of the imagination and retract the perfect holiday moment together with the two special chocolate assortments launched by the Supreme Group: mint pralines - Euphoria in the mind and Coconut cream tablet anidor - Reve d'hiver.

Peppermint creams are that unique and unique thing you sometimes want. The sophisticated mint flavor combined with dark chocolate will awaken you to a real euphoria.

The winter dream will be lived at maximum intensity thanks to the chocolate tablet created after a special recipe, with cocoa in proportion of 70%.

The special taste of the new chocolate assortments is complemented by attractive, elegant packaging and make them the ideal holiday gift for your loved ones and ... for you.

Recommended price:

Tablet anidor: 4 rum

Anidor praline: 9 rounds