5 traditions of family holidays

5 traditions of family holidays

Holiday traditions can be an important binder in the family and an opportunity to create beautiful memories for later. To ensure a beautiful family Christmas, consider five traditions that are not missing from your family program.

Christmas tree decorating

The Christmas tree is the most important decorative element during the winter holidays. But what is more important: a fir tree like in interior design magazines or happy children who helped to decorate it?
Let the little ones contribute to the decoration of the fir tree even if you do not agree with their color choices. Keep the criticism for any other time of the year and let your little one feel good.


Carols singing

Whether you decide to go carving with your child or sing carols together at home, Christmas songs are an important tradition. Explain to your little one the significance behind the carols and turn their singing into a Christmas family tradition.

Opening of gifts

You can choose to schedule the opening of gifts for Christmas Eve or Christmas morning, but it is important to keep the same rule as the children grow up.
For babies or very young children, thin paper is the best way to pack gifts from "Mosul". Long ribbons or bows can be a danger to your little one who puts everything in their mouths.

Family movie

The tradition of watching a family movie every year, for Christmas, is not yet widespread, in the absence of a varied selection of Romanian Christmas films. But if you got bored of the "Home Only" movies, broadcast almost every year on TV, try an easy comedy for children, with Stefan Banica Jr.: "Ho Ho Ho" available on

New traditions for a new family

In each family there can be a unique tradition, appreciated by the little ones more and more as they grow. Whether you choose to cook them a special Christmas dessert or take your little one to the ice rink each year, organize a special tradition in your family.

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