Baby's first guests, when and how?

Baby's first guests, when and how?

With the departure from motherhood and bringing the baby home, visits from those close to them begin to emerge like the little nuggets after the rain. Their intentions are good and you understand their curiosity and kindness very well, but sometimes you have to take special measures to avoid stress, but also to irritate and agitate the baby. Here's how to deal with his first baby guests in an organized and relaxing way.

Take things in stride and calmly

In theory, you know very well that you have to limit the visits of your neighbors when you arrive with your baby at home. But it is quite difficult to keep up with the dozens of phones, door knobs and those who keep inviting themselves. You can do this with a lot of diplomacy and common sense, without sounding wicked!
You will probably receive a lot of greeting cards immediately after birth, when you are still in the hospital. They are a good opportunity to announce, subtly, that you expect them to visit, but only after you manage to adapt and install them at home and that you will be notified.

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Be honest

Refusing to accept a person visiting may seem like a sign of mischief, but it is important to be honest about what you are feeling and the situation you are in. Try telling them by phone or when you see that there is currently no time for visits. It is very difficult, among the care for the newborn, asleep and fatigue after birth to cope with social gatherings and to be in maximum shape.
You can excuse yourself without any embarrassment, announcing that you are very tired and that your little one is just beginning to get used to the new environment and the cottage and that you ask them to postpone a little visit.

Schedule visits

Designate a contact person to help you with the appointment schedules. It may even be your father, grandmother or close friend who manages to keep up with the avalanche of phones and guests. You will probably be too tired, stressed and busy with babies to be able to deal with it.
Talk to your family and set up an appropriate time to let the guests know that you are available for a visit. You can send an e-mail or text to all those who have congratulated you, with a personalized message, in which you thank them for their good wishes and to send them that you expect them to know the newest member of the family, after the date of x, when the little one will get used to the new environment.

He organizes a small party

A practical idea that will please everyone is organizing a small welcome party at home, given for your baby. This way, you gather all the acquaintances together, with one occasion, without stressing you with daily visits, which extend for several weeks and which, at one point, can become stressful and tiring.
The party can be scheduled anytime you feel you are ready to face some guests and it is a great idea, because you can control the date, time and everything that will happen at this event. Do not set the date immediately after you arrive home. It is best to do it after 2-3 weeks, in order to have time to adjust to the new program and to give the baby time to get used to the house and routine.

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