13 pictures to take to the baby this summer

13 pictures to take to the baby this summer

The adventures and games of the child during the summer are worth immortalizing in the most spectacular pictures. Summer is the season that pulls all children out, in the middle of nature, and urges them to venture into activities and games of the most beautiful, which deserves to be photographed and put in honor in the family photo memory box.

Sea waves, swings, kite lifting or flower picking are just a few places where your baby could be found this summer and some of the most beautiful pictures could come out.

The child's emotions in the middle of nature

The baby's reactions when he puts his warm feet in the cold sea water and feels the wet sand beneath his feet, when he faces an animal or insect or when he sees the kite created with his hands above his head can become the most spectacular photos. summer.

Surprising the child's emotions and spontaneity in various contexts offers the most beautiful frames for photography. All you have to do is always have the device in your hand and always be on the stage!

Play or the baby's reactions in the rain

If you want to make the baby some really spectacular pictures, then surprise him when he is sitting and playing in the rain or when he is trying to avoid the cold drops of water. You can immortalize grimaces, reactions and gestures that do more than a thousand words.

In addition, you can let your child without problems be wet from head to toe, considering that the summer rains are short, warm and do not present as high risks of illness as those of cold seasons.

Enjoying an ice cream

Ice cream is the child's favorite dessert in the summer season, which also gives you the opportunity to make the most pictures of the baby. While hurrying to devour it, the child makes all sorts of cute grimaces, gets dirty all over his face and puts his hands in ice cream, giving you the opportunity to shoot some funny but beautiful pictures.

Baby bath at sea

Every bath in the sea is a show of laughter mixed with the most diverse games. The child finds inexplicable ways to use water as a toy and to have fun among the dancing waves of the sea, giving you the opportunity to photograph it in the most spectacular hypostases.

The pictures with the baby among the waves of the sea should not be missing from your family's holiday albums.

Devouring a slice of watermelon

The satisfaction and joy with which a child devours a slice of watermelon is worth immortalizing in a picture inserted among the albums of your little one. It is a seasonal photo that will make you smile in the future and, why not, it will also make you a crazy lust for the most popular summer fruit.

Games around a campfire

The campfire is not just a tradition in the excursions or hikes of the little ones through the mountains or on the sea. It is an opportunity for the little one to learn spectacular stories, play interesting games and socialize with other children. For you, the children around the campfire are an inspiration to make some exceptional summer photos.

The baby at sunset

Regardless of whether you catch it in the mountains, in the park, on the seashore or in the middle of a field, do not miss the opportunity to take spectacular pictures at sunset. Surprise your child in the most beautiful and spectacular hypostases in which the slightly "sleepy" sun watches him while playing in the grass, climbing in the trees or testing the sea water temperature.

Fun in the swing

Swings are play devices in parks or public spaces that attract the child's attention like a magnet. The little boy loves to swing, take advantage and move freely in the wind. Many of the smiles of your little one while in the swing give you unique frames for taking some exceptional summer photos.

Lifting the kite

Making and raising kite is two of the summer activities that no child should miss in early childhood. As trivial as this little toy is, it brings so much emotion and joy to the child's faces and offers you the most beautiful frames for taking beautiful pictures.

The chase after soap balloons

Soap balloons are part of the summer activities that instantly bring a smile to your child's face. Get out into the park, take the balloon solution with you and let the child form balloons of different sizes, then "hunt" them with the handcuffs. In the meantime, the child strives to inflate balloons and break them into a few photo frames.

Jumping in the pool

Capture snapshots with the child jumping in the pool. Make as many frames and try more hypostases, and in the end, take out only the most successful pictures and quickly place them in the albums with photos of the summer vacation.

Play in the sand

Vacations at sea do not just mean floating in the water and so on. Playing in the sand is another joy for the children, and their attempts to build castles and other figurines are worth a few exceptional pictures.

The more children play with your child, the more interactions they will give you with some nice moments to immortalize them in some of the most successful holiday pictures.

Summer fashion stop

Every time you dress your child funny, colorful or creative in summer trips or holidays, do not hesitate to make them a photo that will remember. Soon, these clothes will remain small. Of course, next year you will not be able to enjoy them.

What other summer photos do you think should not be missing from your child's photo albums? What activities done by the child in the middle of nature deserve the most immortalized in pictures? Tell us your suggestions and tricks to make the best photos in the comments section below!

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