What you can do during pregnancy for easier breastfeeding after birth

What you can do during pregnancy for easier breastfeeding after birth

Stimulation of lactation and preparation for breastfeeding should begin as early as pregnancy. If you still want to properly breastfeed your baby and thus provide her with the unique nutrients that breast milk has in her composition, but also help her suck more easily in the breast, prepare your body and psyche early. There are a lot of complications and breastfeeding problems that can be avoided with optimism, correct information and choosing a correct birth method.

Get informed properly from books and specialized sources

If you want breastfeeding to work as well after birth, it is advisable to inquire about this process from specialized books or ask your doctor about everything that is happening with the breasts and your body during pregnancy.

Only when you understand the mechanisms of breastfeeding, the possible complications that may arise during this process and you will know your body very well, will you be able to stimulate your lactation and to properly feed your baby breast.

There are training courses for birth and breastfeeding

If the books are not helpful or you need further explanation and preparation, sign up for a Lamaze practical course. This is a complete training that helps you to prepare for the birth, but also to learn the main techniques and positions to breastfeed so that you do not get any unpleasant surprises when you first breastfeed your newborn.

The staff that supports the training is qualified to give you the best tips, explanations and techniques to make breastfeeding easier.

Choose the natural birth

To the extent that your health allows you and there are no pregnancy complications, do not hesitate to opt for natural birth. Surgery and drugs used during Caesarean section were found to inhibit lactation and make breastfeeding difficult.

It seems that women who choose surgical birth are less apt to breastfeed their children than those who choose vaginal birth.

Massage your breasts constantly before giving birth

Stimulate your breastfeeding and prepare your breasts for breastfeeding by massaging them daily at least six weeks before birth. The massage helps to release the pipes that circulate the milk and helps you to avoid the blockages that can occur after the baby is born and put it first in the breast.

Get ready mentally for breastfeeding

Not only the body must be ready for birth, but also the psychic. It is important to learn to relax more, to inhibit your fears and to always maintain your optimism when it comes to the ability to breastfeed your child.

Don't embrace the idea of ​​"I can't breastfeed", because you alone will sabotage your chances of giving your baby the breast milk he needs! Trust yourself that you can, and where you are not very sure, ask for help, advice and ideas from others: doctors, midwives, other moms, etc.

Prepare your wardrobe and accessories for breastfeeding

Even if they only come into play after giving birth, it is good to buy them early and try to get acquainted with them: the milk pump, special bras, breast protectors, etc. Discover them one by one, try them out so that when you need them you will be ready and fit to use them properly.

Breastfeed the baby within the first two hours after birth

Even if it is a measure that you take after birth, it is advisable to consider it and put it on the list during pregnancy. Ask the doctors to bring your newborn to breastfeed in the first two hours after you bring it into the world.

According to the specialists, the faster you put him in the breast after birth, the more the process will proceed naturally and you will have less difficulty in making him suck.

What other measures do you think should be taken during pregnancy to make breastfeeding easier? How did you prepare for this important moment? Tell us your suggestions in the comments section below!

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