Hidden causes of migraines

Hidden causes of migraines

Persistent headaches, which return periodically for a period of 72 hours and disrupt your daily activities, bear the name of a distressing condition - migraine. The reason why some people are more prone to intense headaches is usually attributed to genetic factors. However, behind this frequent disorder can be hidden other causes that are strictly related to certain common life habits.
Migraines are preceded by certain predictive signs, characterized by headaches that increase in intensity, visual disturbances (black dots), a feeling of numbness in the limbs and face. Here are the hidden causes that favor the installation of migraines.


Certain products you consume contain substances that increase the sensitivity of certain individuals to migraines. These are: cheese with mold, bananas, figs, raisins, beer, wine, concentrated liqueur, dairy, pickles, citrus, papaya, plums, refined salt, soy sauce, avocado, chocolate, nuts, peanuts, onions, sausages (meat industrial processed), dietary juices, products containing yeast (donuts, flour).

Follow closely the reactions you have after consuming these foods and try to eliminate the possible "guilty" diet from the daily diet.


Caffeine is an excitatory nerve that can cause migraine as it enters the body. Pay attention to coffee, soft drinks, teas and chocolate.


Vaso-dilatory drugs and contraceptives with estrogen can have a side effect of migraines. Ask your doctor to replace your usual treatment with a more appropriate one for your type of sensitivity.

Stress and emotional disorders

Time pressure, major loss, anger, conflict or depression are among the common causes of migraines. Apply stress reduction techniques and find healthy ways to restore harmony in your life.

Olfactory stimuli

The stinging perfume, cigarette smoke, thinner, ammonia and other substances that aggravate your sense of smell favors the onset of the disease.


The intense hunger can have as a side effect the painful migraine, so avoid skipping meals and ensuring a balanced daily intake of minerals and vitamins.


Any activity that excessively demands your body (workouts in the room, lifting heavy objects) can be behind the migraine you suffer from.

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