Baby sleep and bromycriptine

Baby sleep and bromycriptine

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- During this period, I am wishing my little girl at the age of 1 year. For 4 days she has not sucked in her breast. But the problem is that I miss my breasts very hard. In the first days it was a little more bearable (because there was not enough milk), but after 2-3 days, it accumulated, my breasts strengthened and started to be painful. I went to the doctor, he prescribed Bromcriptine, but I prefer not to take it, because it is a medicine that I usually use Parkinson's patients (I read the leaflet) and that's why I was afraid of such treatment. I tried with applications with cabbage leaves. In fact, my pains have calmed, but today, after 5 days since I stopped breastfeeding, I found a huge flow of milk and had to milk myself. I am very afraid of complications in this regard, such as mastitis. How could I reduce the flow of milk and what should I do?


Bromcriptine is a commonly used pharmaceutical product for ablation (discontinuation of lactation), the fact that it can be used in other conditions, does not contravene it in your case, nor does it change its effect. In case you do not trust your doctor you have the possibility to ask the opinion of another doctor, or to communicate to your doctor your concern about this product.

By your action to reduce to reduce the amount of milk present in the breast, do nothing but maintain the milk secretion. Milk is one of the factors that stimulate milk secretion.

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