How to combat the sadness of the child at the end of the holiday

How to combat the sadness of the child at the end of the holiday

Not only does the calendar date announce the end of the holiday, but also the shorter and cooler days give us an understanding that autumn is approaching, and the new school year is nearing completion. The child is the first to feel the pressure to start school again, to resume the same applicant program with hours, notes, tests, learning, listening, etc.

But if you take care to turn the beginning of school into a fun and exciting adventure for him, if you make the last days of vacation memorable and make sure to restore the school routine early in his schedule, the transition from holiday euphoria to school concentration it will be easier!

Learn to identify the signs of depression at the beginning of school

Near September, you may notice some strange changes in the child's behavior, which are usually associated with anxiety or depression caused by the beginning of school. If you notice that your baby is more irritated than usual, is isolated from other children, has problems with sleep, cries for no reason or is more naughty, do not yell at him and do not punish him.

These reactions represent ways of manifesting the sad state of being. It is better to talk openly with him about what he is feeling and to ease his sadness as you know better - by eating it, holding it in his arms and giving him solutions to ward off these depressing states.

Be more loving and present in his life

As the calendar sheets fall, sadness and anxiety about starting school reaches alarming levels. And, as nowhere is it better, comfortable and relaxing than in the arms or company of the mother, try to alleviate these negative experiences by standing around him, hugging him more often, playing with him and spending quality time. together.

Be a good listener

It is not enough just to spend time with the child to help him overcome the depression of early school. It is important to listen carefully to everything he has to say about his life vis-à-vis the approach of the school and not to ignore or deride them.

Instead of telling him not to think about school at the beginning and to take advantage of the last days of vacation, sympathize with him and confess that you understand him, because you also felt like a child. The child will know that it is understood and will pay more attention to the solutions you propose to overcome this condition.

Go shopping for school together

Going shopping for school supplies can prove to be a fun method and a source of good will for the little one. You can let him buy his supplies with his favorite models, then you can go to clothing stores, where his tone will definitely come back.

It is a relaxing way to remind him that the school is approaching and to prepare for its debut, but without putting pressure on his shoulders.

Gradually re-introduce the school routine into the program

About 2 weeks before the start of the new school year, gradually reintroduce the child into the atmosphere of school days, establishing a new routine. Gradually adjust their waking or bedtime to bring them closer to those during school.

Introduce the topics in his program and help him make the gradual transition to the program during school, so as to combat the anxiety that might ensue at that time.

Help him discover effective ways to relax

When you discover a technique or method that helps you relax quickly, the child will have one of the strongest weapons against stress. Regardless of whether it is a sport, reading a book or a game, help him discover what is the activity that helps him to relax and get rid of the pressure of the school's onset.

Encourage him to put it into practice whenever he feels sad or stressed. Teach him some breathing or visual techniques that help him relax quickly.

He organizes a mini-vacation

Even if you were already on leave and you ended up with trips and other recreational activities away from home, it would not hurt to raise your child's morale by preparing a weekend getaway to the mountains, the country or the sea, to relax once more before to start school. Surely, it is the news that will quickly dispel the sadness and thought of the school's re-start.

Remind her of the beauty of the school years

It is time to remind the child that school restarting does not have to be a stress factor or a reason for sadness. Remind him that he will meet his colleagues again, maybe he will meet some new ones, and that he will discover interesting things every day.

Have him remember the beautiful moments he experienced last year at school and how much satisfaction they brought. Encourage him to set goals for the new school year. You can encourage him to write them down in his journal or in a notebook. Also, confess that it is the place where friends can be born in life and that, beyond the stressful moments of tests, the school years remain the most beautiful of childhood.

It is important to see the school as a positive place, full of opportunities and interesting projects for him, in order to enjoy his re-start more.

Make the party goodbye for the holiday

Perform a ritual or tradition to mark the end of the holiday in the most fun way possible - with a party. It is also the safest method by which you replace the sad grimace of the child with a jovial one. Instead of sitting and suffering in secret as the school starts again, have him worry about the guest list for the farewell party.

Encourage him to call friends, but also colleagues, to resume contact with them before the first day of school. Make sure the party will be filled with delicious snacks, sweet and savory drinks, but also games, music and lots of fun.

What tricks do you use to ward off the sadness of your child before school starts? Share your suggestions in the comments section below!

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