Skin sensitivity, a widespread phenomenon

Skin sensitivity, a widespread phenomenon

Sensitive skin may involve a genetic predisposition, but our skin may also become sensitive under the influence of stimuli. The sun, wind, frost, cigarette smoke, stress or even inappropriate cosmetics can cause skin irritation, drying and tightening.

The mechanisms of the appearance and development of skin sensitivity are complicated and have not been studied in the end. One of the main elements is the incorrect functioning of the skin barrier. The weakening of the protective function allows the penetration of allergens into the skin, which leads to irritation, as well as itching and inflammation.

Sensitive skin is thin, usually light in color or with capillary visibility, which gives it a pale pink color. It is characterized by a matte appearance and a sensation of tension so strong that every additional contact with the irritating factors such as water, causes an intense discomfort.

The characteristic reactions of the skin sensitive to stimuli are redness, dryness, roughness and peeling. The following subjective symptoms may also appear: tingling, stretching or hot sensation, and long-lasting itching or itching.

Did you know that ...?

Every 3rd child born in Europe is allergic from birth, and in the future, over several decades, every newborn European citizen will have an allergy.

According to the most optimistic scenario, in 2020 the number of allergic people will exceed the number of healthy people! There will be no family in which this problem will not appear ...

Sensitive skin care

An extremely important element of the daily life of people with sensitive skin is the proper care of both the skin and the whole body. The basic principle is the use of cosmetics specially created for sensitive skin and adapted to its needs. These products do not contain dyes and scented substances, and their safety and efficacy has been tested on a group of subjects prone to allergies.

It is recommended to use products from the same range, which provides complex care and complement each other. Now Pharmaceris A range designed for sensitive skin with a tendency towards allergies has a limited supply of winter:

Pharmaceris A Lipo - Protect - Regenerating hand cream (50 ml)


Due to the specialized combination of beeswax and D-panthenol, the cream creates a superficial protective layer on the skin, preventing the palms from drying out and protecting the hands against the negative action of external factors.

The innovative formula soothes irritations, moisturizes and restores the softness of the skin. Vitamin A strengthens the protective function of the cream, accelerates the regeneration cycle of the epidermis and prevents water loss from the superficial layers of the skin.

Dermatological tested.

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