Barbie in Swan Lake

Barbie in Swan Lake

Egmont launches on January 16, the second issue of Barbie magazine collection with DVD at the price of 14.99 lei, in a print run of 40,000 pieces / edition and is aimed at girls between 3 and 10 years old.

"Barbie in Swan Lake" is based on the beloved fairy tale and the brilliant music of Tchaikovsky, presenting Barbie in the role of Odette, the young daughter of a baker.

One day, it follows a drone to a Enchanted Forest. There he realizes that he is the only person capable of saving the forest over which the evil wizard, Rothbart, is trying to gain control. But he spells Odette turning her into a swan.

Zana Regina, the one that Rothbart is trying to get revenge for, manages to stop the spell only in half, leaving the human face at night and at night.

How can a young woman armed only with courage, honesty and intelligence save the forest, while Prince Daniel falls in love with her?

"Barbie in Swan Lake" combines Tchaikovsky's fantasy, ballet and unforgettable music performed by the London Symphony Orchestra. Peter Martins, a ballet master at the New York Ballet, choreographs beautiful ballet scenes, more beautiful than ever.

In the pages of the magazine, readers will also enjoy a super contest with 101 original Barbie awards!

The following titles of the collection appear in the order presented below:

Barbie Fairytopia - February 15, 2012

Barbie in the Princess and Seamstress - March 15, 2012

Barbie's Diary - April 16, 2012

Barbie and The Three Musketeers - May 15, 2012

In the pages of the magazine you will find the presentation of the characters from the film and the story of the movie from the DVD with pictures. In the section "Life of the star" readers will find out about Barbie interesting things about her. In each edition there is also a section dedicated to a friend of Barbie or a pet. Also, coloring pages and activities will entertain Barbie fans.

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