5 myths about your clothes in pregnancy, disassembled

5 myths about your clothes in pregnancy, disassembled

Pregnant clothes quickly entered the mouth of the fair, which did not hesitate to create around them a lot of preconceived ideas that can cause you to make wrong choices, but also dangerous for your health. Buying clothes for pregnancy should be a pleasure, not a pain, and in order to truly enjoy your new pregnancy-safe outfits, it's best to ignore the following myths around them!

You can wear normal clothes all the time

Whether you want it or not, at some point, you will have to change your wardrobe and spend the money on buying some clothes for pregnancy. The ever-growing tummy will keep you from wearing a fluffy blouse, tight shirt or high-waisted skirt that you love. If your current wardrobe does not include only light and 2-3 sizes larger clothes, then be prepared to make some investments in new clothes.

Pregnancy clothes are a bad investment

Investing in pregnancy clothes will be totally worth it if you opt for the models you can wear after the baby is born. Wide shirts, steam blazers and baby doll dresses are just a few of the pieces you can wear with and without a pregnant belly.

Where do you put that after birth, you will not immediately return to the dimensions before pregnancy, so all these clothes will continue to be very useful.

This week, at Lidl you have blouses with personalized messages for pregnant women and jeggings with a belly support band. Take advantage of special prices!

You only have to wear dark clothes

Because of the desire to mask the weight gained during pregnancy, many pregnant women make the mistake of covering themselves from head to toe and wearing only dark clothes. You are in one of the most beautiful periods of your life, and the joy should be reflected in the clothes you wear.

In addition, even if you wear black or red, your tummy will stand out anyway. Turn your belly into an invaluable accessory of your wardrobe, highlighting it with soft clothes and strong colors.

You are not allowed to wear heels during pregnancy

You already see yourself wearing only nine ballerinas or sneakers that you will struggle to match with the clothes you like, right? Heels are not forbidden in pregnancy, as long as you pay attention to their height. The 10 cm ones are not a "healthy" idea, but the 5 cm ones can be made in your clothes during pregnancy.

Make sure they are thick heels and that the shoes are of high quality, made of durable materials, to give you the stability you need during this period.

Investing in expensive clothes is a waste

Unfortunately, the quality of the clothes is often reflected in their price. The better they are made of natural materials (natural, hypoallergenic, etc.), the higher their price. Don't make any savings when it comes to quality!

Just buy some good quality clothing, even if it is expensive. Make sure they are versatile clothes that are suitable for as many combinations and outfits as possible, so that you always diversify your wardrobe.

What other lies or myths have you heard about in your pregnancy clothes? Share them with us, but give them to your growing moms and other tricks or smart tips about pregnancy clothing, in the comment section below!

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