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Dancing babies

Dancing babies

Largest Beyonce fan

The video with the baby in diapers dancing in front of the television on Beyonce's single Ladies song (Put A Ring On It) was posted on January 26, 2009, and by January 2012 it had already garnered 25,505,383 views.

The biggest fan Lady Gaga

From the same series, a cute little girl dances wonderfully on the song of Lady Gaga - Poker Face.

Michael Jackson fan

We couldn't help but add a Michael Jackson fan! We like it loud, loud, loud!

The youngest Britney Spears fan

The song by Britney Spears - Toxic inspired the little dancer.

Break dance

Others are training for years to do what the little boy can do in the video that has gathered 40,369,359 views since July 2006 so far.

The dance is in the blood

More children on the dance floor, but the little one is ... invaluable!

A small professional

Synchronized with brothers

Two Asian brothers dance in sync on the song from OutKast - Hey Ya!

Babies on wheels

You will realize that the images are created using a computer, but you must admit that they are very funny!

Dancing babies

And the Romanian version of the baby dancers, in the well-known commercial with CRBL.