Next to children in Vrajit Land

Next to children in Vrajit Land

On the day when in Bucharest it snowed for the first time really (this winter), we went to the Excelsior Theater to join us in the Vrajit Land, along with the multitude of children invited to the premiere.

The road to the theater was well suited for then to get into the story, the snow filled our souls with joy and prepared us for what was to happen to us. And we got to the theater. The one in the entrance hall was waiting for me to tell him The storyteller - Master Ion Lucian. The gentle old man, with warm eyes and young eyes, received his guests: a boy with steamed glasses, a little girl with red cheeks and blond mules and many other big and small children looking forward to the story ... and us - some older and more curious children .

At the Excelsior Theater, all the stories begin with the warm voice of the Master Storyteller, which gives the children the last indications so that, then, emperors, princes, queens and princesses take the little ones to the Enchanted Land. The laughter of the children, at the friendly encouragement of the Storyteller, was the most appropriate beginning for the story that was about to begin.

Defeat your fear!

Guided by the "disembodied wizard" Brik and the fearless Prince Kamir, we traveled through the wax world, where Asia melted all the broken toys, to then reach the desired Ikarion - the Wicked Land, where dreams take wings and any wish can be fulfilled.

We stumbled upon Emperor Temak and we also wished the Chinese doll Mo to be alive.

I learned with the heroes of the play that dreams can be fulfilled, that even in the face of love and good intentions, not even fear can stand, even when Aphea, the master of fear is around, and that the confidence of others around us gives us power to overcome all obstacles. I participated in all the witches made by Brik and I am sure that only the concentration and the desire of the children with closed eyes and the extended hands helped him to carry out his magic.

The Vrajit realm is just the way we want it to be. It's where we want it to be. And in him are the people we want to be. The Vrajit realm makes our wishes, spoken in the right words, become a reality!

So I invite you to consult the program of the Excelsior Theater and to make a reservation with the children to enter you in the Enchanted Land!

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