Pedimap.ro - the shortest path to the health of your child!

Pedimap.ro - the shortest path to the health of your child!

Are you preparing to be a mom or already have a small baby and are looking for a suitable pediatrician? Whether you have just moved in and are looking for a family doctor with pediatric skills for your children, or you want a new pediatrician, pedimap.ro medical map will help you to find out which offices are closest to you in Bucharest and how you can quickly reach them.

Created especially for parents by the Abbott pharmaceutical company and supported by the Romanian Society of Pediatrics, the site pedimap.ro brings together the pediatric and family doctors' offices with pediatric skills in Bucharest in an interactive, intuitive, free and easy to use map. . The information that will be found for each cabinet includes specializations, competencies, experience, but also photos from the cabinet.

Pedimap.ro uses Geolocation, an application with which you can find out which cabinets are closest to where you are, as soon as you specify it. And if you simply want to find the cabinets in a certain area, you can easily move the cursor to the desired location. The pediatric offices and those of the family doctors with pediatric skills are signaled differently, to make your selection easier.

Moreover, pedimap.ro has a special button for emergency searches, which will tell you where the nearest hospitals and medical institutions with Urgent reception unit and what medical equipment they have.

Use pedimap.ro with confidence and find out the shortest way to your child's health!