Autumn Fair at the National Museum of the Romanian Peasant

Autumn Fair at the National Museum of the Romanian Peasant

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Piaaneasca Square and Mester (You are)! organizes from 17 until 19 October 2014, in the inner courtyard of the National Museum of the Romanian peasant, a new autumn fair.

The program is between 10.00 and 18.00, and admission is free. From Friday to Sunday, from morning till evening, almost a hundred producers, craftsmen, artisans and merchants will gather in the courtyard of the Peasant Museum for a gastronomic feast and beyond.

Bread will be baked, wraps will be wrapped, zacusca will be cooked, all after old peasant recipes. There will be no shortage of pastrama and must, the barbecues and the dishes cooked on the spot.

You will be able to taste: cheeses, cashews and cashews, smokes, truffles, Cozonac Domnesc and Cozonac Bujor, stretched pies and leeks in the bun, homemade chocolate and traditional cakes, sweet cake and muffins, sweets and zacustos, syrups, honey, teas and aromatic garden plants, vegetables and pickles, various assortments of bread (in three colors, with bacon and garlic, with wine and olives, with red beet).

For connoisseurs and collectors, there are antique peasants and furniture in the inner courtyard, porcelains, watches, ivory, candlesticks, paintings, cameras, pataphones, books, along with craftsmen and craftsmen from all areas of the country: glassware, icons, potters, blacksmiths, bakers , confectioners, weavers, carvers, leather, braids, relatives, confectioners with: wooden objects, brass, impregnated wool, ceramics, fabrics, wooden and canvas toys, ornaments, set eggs, painted furniture, icons, boxes painted or decorated with napkin technique, jewelry made of leather or semiprecious stones, crocheted hats, clothing and all kinds of objects made with lots of napkins.

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