Fun Halloween games

Fun Halloween games

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The enthusiasm of the children to see the costumes of the guests, the decoration of the house or the candy quickly passes to the Halloween party. You wake up having a few good hours when you have to have fun with the kids and have lots of fun! Games are the main ingredient of any children's party, and for Halloween, these fun activities must be tailored to the specifics of this holiday!

You know and you win

Halloween is a holiday rich in traditions and symbols. If you want to test the children's knowledge of the history of this holiday or help them learn its symbols more easily, challenge them to a fun game. Prepare a series of cards printed with the main Halloween symbols: a ghost, a pumpkin, a skeleton, a mummy, a spider, a witch, a bat, a owl, etc.

Then, place children in a row or in two camps and challenge them to a competition like "You know what's in the picture and you win!", In which you are the moderator. It also sets a reward for the winners.

Mime with Halloween characters and symbols

Mime is another fun game for kids, which you can adapt to Halloween. Divide the children into two teams. Be the moderator and set on a paper a set of words (symbols, traditions, seasonal characters). Then, pick a child from a group and tell him or her what to mimic to teammates (pumpkin, cat, ghost, etc.).

Give them a time that others have at their disposal to guess the word behind the player's gestures. If they are very young, allow them to use sounds to "better" describe the characters. Don't forget to set the winning trophy.

Throw in the target

Customize the shooting game for the holidays. Prepare a round card, specific to the shoot, and in the middle of it, stick a pumpkin or Halloween symbol. He borrows the arrows from the shot the child has at home and divides the girl into two teams.

Have each member throw arrows (2 tries) from a certain distance and collect points. The team that aims most often directly at the symbol in the middle of the floor will win the game.

Throw in the pumpkin sweets

Another nice game is throwing sweets in a pumpkin. It is an adaptation of another game, but that promises smiles and joys guaranteed on the face of children. Prepare two pumpkins carved for Halloween (quite large and of equal size) and a bag filled with candy packed. Divide the children into two teams.

Each team will have its own pumpkin. Remove the pumpkin caps and place them side by side in line. Each member of the team will have 30 seconds to remotely introduce as many pumpkin candies. The pumpkin with the most candy in it will be the winner and will be given to the team that succeeded.

Finding the winning ticket among the candy

Here's another game that will instantly capture the attention of all the little guests. Prepare a large bowl with colorful candy. Hide in it a ticket with the name of the participant competitor, packed so that it reaches the size of a candy.

Have the competing child dig into the bowl in search of the winning ticket. Give it a certain amount of time. Repeat the procedure with each child who wishes to participate. The child who will find the ticket in the shortest time will be designated the winner.

Black and white with candy

Choose three identical opaque bowls (numbered from 1 to 3), two tokens (two miniature toy pumpkins) and a delicious packaged candy. Hide the chips and candy under the three bowls, stand with the back to the children. Choose a child from "public" and have him guess the number of the bowl under which the candy is hidden, from 2 attempts.

If he guesses, give him the candy as a reward. If he doesn't guess, pick another child. Continue the game until the little ones get bored.

Halloween Twister

Twister is one of the funniest games for kids. If you have a poster with Halloween-specific symbols and images, don't hesitate to introduce it at the party. Instead of game-specific colors, the moderator cards will contain Halloween symbols. For example: hand on the figure 2 and the foot on the pumpkin.

Continue until there is only one winner, who is a muse to receive a reward as his efforts - a crown, a tiara, a toy, etc.

Treasure hunt

Children never get tired of "leaving" in search of hidden treasures, so such a game is not allowed to be missing from the Halloween party program. Determine what the treasure is - a toy, a candy box, etc. Then, hide it in a place within the confined space for play, as difficult as accessible or visible to children.

Set the rules of the game, a time slot for treasure hunting, then choose a competitor. Guide him with "warm" or "cold" to the area where the treasure is hidden. If he manages to find it in a timely manner, reward him. Play with each child who wants to participate, but each time choose another place to hide the treasure.

Pumpkin "predictor"

Have fun copying children with a "charmed" activity. Raise their interest in finding out their future by preparing a decorative pumpkin full of ravines on which messages with wise advice or forecasts are written. For example: "You will take note 10 very soon, in the mathematical control work! But only if you listen carefully to the lady teacher." when you don't even know. " (you can make tickets with more stories for children and with reference to their morals); "You have some problems with math addition and subtraction - a count will help you better understand how things are with numbers and numbers. Try it and you will become the best in the class!" and so on "Always tell your mother what problems you have; it will help you find the best solutions."

Then, have each child pull out a ticket and see what "Halloween spirits" foreshadow or what tips they have prepared for him. You can use this game to discipline your child, cultivate his passion for reading, etc.

What other cute games do you think are worth preparing for the children's Halloween party? Inspire us with your suggestions in the comment section below!

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