10 things that stress your nausea during pregnancy

10 things that stress your nausea during pregnancy

Pregnancy is a wonderful time in your life, except in the first trimester, when the many unpleasant symptoms make you glad of the news that you will become a mom. Morning sickness is by far the symptoms you suffer the most and give you the most headaches at the beginning of pregnancy.

If you notice that herbal medicines or remedies have no effect on getting rid of these conditions, you may be exposed, without knowing it, to a few things that you had no idea about which accentuates these symptoms.

Stores and hypermarkets

Going shopping when you experience severe nausea may not be the best idea - any new smell may prove to be an aggravating factor in your condition. It is advisable to bypass especially the sections of fish, sausage, pastry or bakery - where the heavy smells can stop you.

Care products

You have already given up on perfumes that only aggravate your condition. But you never thought of the subtle scent of your care products - creams, soaps, shampoos, etc. - or your partner - colony, shaving foam, etc. - they will be just as harmful to your condition as the strong perfumes.


Of all the care products used in daily hygiene, toothpaste may be the one that most aggravates your nausea symptom. The very strong mint flavor is "guilty" for this reaction. Since giving up brushing is not a solution, it is advisable to change the toothpaste with products based on other flavors or to prepare it at home.


Whether you love animals or not, it is possible to develop an "allergy" to it, at least in the first part of pregnancy. The smell of dog or cat, as well as the hair left behind can become aggravating factors of nausea.

Travel by car

If before the pregnancy you do not show a bad car, it is possible to put yourself in the skin of those who suffer from such conditions during traveling by car even during pregnancy. Sudden, rapid movements or coils or sharp turns may accentuate your nausea.

Chocolate and cakes

You didn't think the time would come when you said you couldn't eat chocolate or cookies or that you were averse to them, but in the first trimester of pregnancy, you may experience such an experience on your skin. Sure, the type of food that can worsen the nausea differs from one pregnancy to another, but the aversion to chocolate seems to be one of the strangest.


Have you removed all the things and smells that you know are causing you nausea and yet the symptom persists, Are you tired of "busy"? Fatigue or exhaustion tends to aggravate the morning stresses of pregnancy.

Public transport

Neither the often unpleasant odors from the public transportation means may be of much help in combating this unpleasant symptom, but on the contrary, it can turn into a trigger factor.

If you notice that the feeling of nausea worsens when you go by bus, tram or subway, try to avoid them, as much as possible, in the first trimester of pregnancy - opt for walking, taxis or personal car, when you need to you make different roads.


Even if when you are nauseous, you do not feel the need to eat or drink fluids, it is important to stay hydrated, as dehydration aggravates unpleasant symptoms from the beginning of pregnancy.

The feeling of hunger

Even though most of the foods that pervade your eyes tend to cause nausea, it is important to properly nourish yourself during this period, as the feeling of hunger or "empty stomach" aggravates this symptom. Try to eat fruits, vegetables and dairy products in small and thick portions.

Have you experienced morning sickness during pregnancy? What things made your condition even worse? Tell us your suggestions in the comments section below!

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