ABC of parenting today (5)

ABC of parenting today (5)


Congenital malformation

Whether you call them congenital malformations, or say birth defects or abnormalities, these are some of the problems that put pressure on the shoulders of modern pregnant women.

The growing age of women trying to become mothers nowadays predisposes them not only to infertility but also to numerous risks for children, with Down syndrome being one of the most common.

However, there are numerous state-of-the-art screenings and investigations (3D, 4D ultrasound, amniocentesis) that help to detect early (in pregnancy) the main changes involved in the formation of anomalies.


Meditation techniques represent one of the most modern and effective anti-stress techniques to which the exhausted and overworked mothers resort to the numerous worries, tasks and problems that they face daily.

Their oasis of relaxation is equivalent to 1-2 weekly sessions of meditation, in which they free their mind from all thoughts and problems and find their balance, power and energy to end it every day, with a smile on their lips.


Alternative education is an increasingly common concern of modern parents, always looking for the best educational opportunities for their children. The Montessori method is an alternative educational system that is increasingly being implemented today in kindergartens and schools.

It is a system that is based on the experiential learning, the free expression of the child, but emphasizes especially on the development of his natural abilities, the education being only a guide in deepening them.

Hanen's method

The Hanen method is a program that helps modern parents. It helps them develop better communication with the child, especially at a young age, but also helps the little one to develop their language, vocabulary or speech more easily.

It is a training program for all parents who have difficulties in how they get along with their children or who have problems that show delays in developing communication.



The birth of the child, this natural and natural process of which the body of a woman is capable, has undergone many changes over time.

In modernity, there is a struggle between natural birth ("healthy", natural and beneficial for the child) and Caesarean section (painless, fast and controlled) both among doctors and pregnant women.

And, as if the two alternatives were not confusing enough for mothers, other methods and types of births also appeared: Lotus, under water, at home, with midwife, with doula, etc., which make the decision of future mothers more difficult the method of bringing the child into the world.

Names for children

Choosing the child's name still warms the spirits in modern parenting, as there are numerous trends and events that influence the decision of modern parents.

Many try to invent names, to give a personal and authentic note to it, while others are left unaffected by the choices celebrities make for their children.



Obesity, this soft disease of modernity, is a concern of today's parents, who are facing a constantly developing phenomenon among children. Not only sedentary lifestyle and nutrition are risk factors for childhood obesity.

Periodically, specialists discover new causes (antibiotics, birth by Caesarean section, etc.), with which parents must be informed periodically, to protect their child from the risks of this serious disease.


There is no modern parenting without the online environment. The virtual space has slipped slowly but surely into the lives of families and into the growth and education of the contemporary child, becoming a real parenting tool.

In the online environment, parents find the information resources, tips and solutions they need in everyday problems. It represents an environment that mediates socializing and forming new friendships, but also loving relationships (online dating).



Pinterest is one of the most popular platforms or online social networks. It is gradually beginning to reach the same notoriety as Facebook.

Modern mums and parents have invaded Pinterest, becoming the environment in which they found a daily source of inspiration or motivation, but also a flexible and complex virtual space, where photos, videos and beautiful friends with other parents can be uploaded.

Early Puberty

Early puberty is a phenomenon that modern parents face almost inevitably. We are witnessing a steady decrease in the age at which children enter puberty, at least two years old.

Today, girls go through adolescence and show the first signs of puberty at 10-11 years, and boys at 11-12 years.

This means that parents need to initiate discussions with children on this topic from a much younger age, in order to prepare them in time for the changes that occur with the transition to this stage of childhood.

Unconditional parenting

Unconditional parenting is a modern technique of raising and caring for children that aims to help modern parents raise their children based on their needs.

It is a current style of education, which is based on unconditional love for children and avoiding the imposition of authority, severe and harmful punishments, which affect the good development of the little ones.

The method was proposed by psychologist Alfie Kohn, who also wrote a book on this subject, which is a useful guide for any modern parent.

Bringing the baby

Wrap, sling, baby carrier, basket, shell, stroller - all are useful devices for carrying or carrying the baby.

Modern parents have a choice between a lot of baby-carrying devices, but of all, the sling seems to be the most beneficial and comfortable for children, from birth to until they walk on their own feet.

Modern moms love sling, because of its ease of use, but also because of the many benefits it has for the baby.


Punishments are unwanted, but often necessary in the process of disciplining the child. Even if positive discipline (by emphasizing positive behaviors and avoiding negative situations, which impose the need for punishment) is a modern and desirable technique in modern parenting, there are situations in which punitive methods are needed to correct certain behaviors.

The system of rules-punishments must be maintained in modern parenting, but applied correctly and with measure. Punishments should never be violent (neither physical nor verbal) and should always be explained and applied in an organized system.


Friendship is a value that should be revived in the modern era, as it has become less and less appreciated. It is important for modern parents to raise their children in the spirit of friendship, to encourage them to cultivate this emotion that has been naturally ingrained in their lives since they were a few years old, and to learn the principles underpinning this human relationship.

Last but not least, modern parents should be positive role models for their little ones and show them, through the power of example, what friendship means and how important friendships are.

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