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Creative Family: Holidays

Creative Family: Holidays

Creative Family: Holidays

What is Creative Family and why do you come?

Creative Family came out of the belief that the simple moments shared by parents and children are truly magical and will turn into a fantastic memory bag over the years. Each event offers significant experiences in which sincere joy arises from the fact that the little ones create or experiment with the family.

Whether it is clay figurines, puppet theater, decorations or anything else, the result is the same: we learn, discover, create connections and remember authentic things.

Holiday decorations

We like winter holidays because they remind us of simplicity and bring us close to our loved ones. but we do not believe in gifts collected on the run, fade objects devoid of sentimental value or cliches. Moreover, we support creativity, responsibility towards resources and, last but not least, the importance of the things we have done to the detriment of those purchased.
So we want to make our own decorations this year; we decorate the fir tree, the house, make them a gift and understand the holiday spirit.

What do we need and to whom is it addressed?

Basically decorations for the fir and the house, but we leave room for the unexpected and daring ideas :) A whole list of materials waiting to be transformed into something unprecedented: light bulbs, twine, colored thread, paper, canvas, dried fruit, jars, paint and not no more. We choose together according to preference and skill.
The workshop is recommended for children over 6 years (without upper age limit :).

When and where?

December 14 and 15, 11:30, Lente Cafe (8 Arch street)
Raluca Pruna
[email protected]
0736 938 176

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