We take off together for the second decade!

We take off together for the second decade!

Great party, great party! We announce it with fast, with bumps and bumps, directly from the control tower!

On December 13, on Saturday (as otherwise), starting at 11:30 am, we are expecting you with a small, large sea at Take Off Events, a special location, with an absolutely magnificent view over Henri Coanda airport, only good for children's entertainment and enthusiasm. of all ages.

As every year, he celebrates his birthday with the members and children of the community, with Santa specially invited! But this year, the party is a special one, like our age! is 10 years old and we invite you to take off together for a new decade in the life of the largest community of parents in the Romanian online!

As I said, we took off from the Take Off restaurant, inside Henri Coanda Airport, and took a flight to a soap balloon party from, helium balloons from BluParty, children's entertainment offered by friends. ours from Marcelino and Santa, accompanied by his faithful spirit from

There will be no lack of goodies placed this year in a appetizing candy bar from Martipan Creativ and, of course, the long-awaited cake from our dear Ghemutza, member of the community, mom of a boy, pregnant again!

Grandpa had accomplices of our friends from Hasbro, Noriel, Nivea Baby and Belladonna pharmacies so that the gifts for the little ones would be among the most beautiful!

Pictures will be made by Viorel Olariu, the photographer who joined us last year at the Christmas party.

Because, beyond all these surprises, you have a party with your children, we expect you to sign up to be with us on the topic:

Event: For 10 years with you!

Also, do not forget about our anniversary contest, in full swing on the site - a series of 5 interesting challenges for our most loyal users, but also for newcomers! We invite you to participate for the sake of the site and the beautiful community you are a part of, even though the prizes may not suit you. Here are the challenges that have already begun: