6 amazing things about sisters

6 amazing things about sisters

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Sisters are more responsible than siblings, they have a beneficial effect on the mental health of others and turn into the best and most confident. But there are many more interesting things that the researchers have discovered through studies carried out over time, regarding the relationship between sisters and parents or brothers!

It stimulates your mental health

Did you know that sisters act on you like a sedative, having a rapid calming effect? According to the results of a 2014 study at Brigham Young University, America, the sisters have a beneficial effect on mental health. They have a real anti-stress effect and promote a state of calm and optimism in your mood.

I make you more pleasant to others

This benefit is especially true for brothers who have older sisters. It seems that the sisters are responsible for modeling an intensely agreeable behavior of acquaintances and female persons. It is a great advantage for maturity, in the relationships that the brothers will have with their life partners.

In addition, the study that revealed this benefit, undertaken at Arizona State University in 2006, found that boys with sisters achieved better results in tests that focused on independence and competitiveness, while girls with sisters they had better scores on tests that targeted characteristics such as sensitivity and ability to help others.

I am a confident and trusted advisor

Sister is your best confidant, especially when it comes to love issues. She is the person most willing to listen to your problems and give you a relevant advice when you need it. And he does it unconditionally. The discovery was made following a study undertaken at Columbia University in Missouri, America, in 2013.

In addition, it also serves as a model of behavior, support the same specialists, especially with regard to sexual or sexual relations. "Older sisters are more likely to have romantic relationships and sexual experiences from which younger sisters can learn a lot," said Sarah Killoren, the study coordinator. She also pointed out that older sisters are the most capable people to teach the youngest how to practice protected sex, due to their age and greater openness in communication.

They are less evil with younger brothers

If you have an older sister, there is less chance of quarreling with her and being teased in childhood than if you had an older brother. Older sisters are less prone to acts of violence or malicious behavior with their younger siblings, says an Italian study conducted in 2010, the results of which were published in the British Journal of Developmental Psychology.

They care more about their parents

Women (sisters) have twice as much care for their parents as men (brothers). The discovery was made following an American study conducted in 2014 by the American Sociological Association of San Francisco. So, in a family with more children of different sexes, girls are the ones who spend more time with their parents and care more about them than boys. The researchers claim that through increased care, the sisters try to compensate for the lack of affection their brothers give to their parents.

Turn the brother into lazy

There are not only advantages of the sisters over the other brothers. According to an American study published in 2013 in the Journal of Politics, sisters are more willing to take on household responsibilities and responsibilities than brothers. Moreover, they also tend to take over their attributions, this behavior having a long-term negative effect on boys.

They face difficulties in maturity in the management of their own home. Even in the couple's relationship they are no longer won, as there is a risk of conflicts arising from the sharing of domestic responsibilities.

Do you know any other surprising things about sisters? Share your information and opinions in the comments section below!